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is a Houston native (born & raised in Sugar Land, TX), known for dominating on the basketball court and track growing up.  She stopped training and lost her way when she left college and gave birth to her beautiful son, Spencer.  After five years of being overweight, Andrea got back into the gym and dedicated countless amounts of hours to get back to her passion & sports training.  She combined her love for fitness/sports with her desire to help others, to develop specialized training programs that bring out the athlete that she believes lives in everyone. In addition to helping others with their health & fitness goals, Everline also prides herself in being able to help athletes take their games to the next level - regardless of the sport.


With a resume that speaks for itself - including clients such as the royal family of Saud, prominent individuals in the entertainment industry, as well as professional & collegiate athletes (including one of the fastest women in the world, Camelita Jeter), Andrea travels the world training clients in Saudi Arabia, Africa, and the United States. Though her global footprints keep her busy throughout the year, she still makes it a point to give back to the Houston community with her renowned summer boot camps. “This is how I touch more people at one time," she says, "I am able to train hundreds of people in a park, and they all are looking for betterment. That’s bigger than anything to me.” 

While you may have been introduced by Andrea through her intense workouts, empowering dialogue, and impactful presence, she will always make one thing clear - "I am here to leave my mark," which she does consistently, every chance she gets.

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