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  • What is 90 DAY REFORM?
    90 DAY REFORM is an online program designed to help you smash your fitness goals, and change your body in 90 days. COMING SOON.
  • How will I get my workouts/meal plan?
    All of the workouts and meal plans for the plan the you selected will be available to as a downloadable PDF. You will be able to save and access these files whenever you want.
  • Are there meal plans for different dietary preferences/restrictions?
    Yes! You will recieve meal plans for standard, pescatarian, vegetarian, and vegan diets. Also, meal plans are flexible, and come with a grocery list of acceptable foods, so you are free to pick and choose what you eat on the list (as long as it fits within the guidelines of your plan)
  • Do I need to workout at a gym?
    I have found that the best results come with a mix of cardio, HIIT, and strength training. With that being said, all of the equipment you will need for the workouts in your plan can be found at a gym. If you need to modify - get creative (do your cardio outside, walk stairs in your home, etc.) I do recommend purchasing weights if you are going to be doing the program at home.
  • Should I start 90 DAY REFORM while pregnant?
    No, unless you recieve written consent from your physician.
  • Is 90 days really enough to change my body? Can I stop after the plan is over?
    IF YOU STICK TO THE PLAN, 90 days is plenty of time to see an amazing transformation, however it is strongly recommend to continue a steady fitness program to continue or maintain results. If you would like to continue you will have the option to renew your plan at anytime, for any duration of time. You may also decide that you are ready fro personal training.
  • Are personal training programs custom?
    Yes! All personal training programs are customized to fit your needs/goal. If you are interested in personal training, please submit your request here. A member of our team will reach out to you to put together a plan to help you reach your goals!
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  • Does personal training include a meal plan?
    Nutrition is going to play a HUGE role in the kind of results you will get on ANY training program. I highly recommend a clean diet, and can create a customized meal plan that will accelerate your results, and give you everything you need to train at your best.
  • How far will you travel for clients?
    I am currently accepting clients in the Houston area. For select clients, I do have the ability to travel (pending my schedule/availibity). If you have specific personal training questions, please contact me.
  • Are personal clients in person or online?
    Programs can take place in person or online. Please note, there is a travel fee for concierge training.
  • How much does personal training cost?
    To inquire about personal training costs, please fill out the consultation form to request a free one-on-one call.
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  • Do you work with specific sports?
    I can work with any athletes that are looking to take their game to the next level.
  • What ages/skill levels are appropriate for sports performance training?
    Our sports performance programs are appropriate for multiple skill levels (high school, college, pro/semi-pro, recreational) and age ranges (13 & up through adult). Submit an athlete assessment to learn more, and see if our programs are a good fit.
  • What does sports performance training consist of?
    Programs are 100% custom and depend on the age, skill and goal/need of the athlete. No athelete is the same, so each program is exclusively designed to include a variety of components needed to take it to the next level. This can include weight/strength training, core/stability work, drills for speed/agility, accelerated/deceleration, sport specific training, and more. Fill out out an athlete assesment to schedule a call & learn more about what a program could look like for you.
  • Will I get a meal plan?
    All of our sports performance programs include a recommended nutrition plan designed to help each athlete get the most out of their training and sport.
  • Do you offer group/individual training?
    Yes, we offer customized individual and group/team training. Please specify what you are looking for in our athlete assessment.
  • Do I have to be a part of a competitive team to participate?
    You do not have to be a part of a team to participate in sports performance training. Individuals and full teams are welcome.
  • Where is the facility?
    Currently, sports performance training is usually held at the team's facility, or athlete's home/place to work out.
  • Are masks required to attend?
    No. Masks will not be required, but feel free to wear yours if you feel more comfortable.
  • Will there be social distancing measures put in place?
    Yes! We have a very large outdoor space, but are only allowing 100 people to join to ensure that ther is enough space for social distancing.
  • Will we start on time?
    Yes! Bootcamp will start at 6:30 sharp! If you happen to be late, just grab a spot and jump into the work.
  • Do I need to warm-up before camp?
    We'll do a warm up before we get into our work, usually consisting of a jog and stretching.
  • Is this camp sure intense?  I haven't worked out in a while.
    No worries! The workouts will be challenging, but you can go at your own pace. Just remember that you will only get what you put into your work out... push yourself to leave your mark every day, and you will see yourself start to get stronger!
  • How can I win the $3,000?!"
    Details will be disclosed on the first day of camp. Make sure you show up!
  • Do I have to attend every single session?
    No. You do not have to attend every session, however it is HIGHLY recommended that you try to come as much as you can (both for results, AND for the giveaway).
  • Will we get any additonal workouts outside of the bootcamp? What about a meal plan?
    Yes! You will be provided with a recommended meal plan & extra workouts you can do at home to stay motivated and get the most out of your results.
  • I have health concerns. Can I participate in camp?
    You should always consult your doctor to see if any intense or bootcamp style work out is ok to participate in. There will be modifications to the workouts provided, and you are able to go at your own pace/intensity level relative to your condition. I DO NOT recommeng that your particpate at a high level if you are pregnant.
  • What is the return policy?
    We do not accept returns of any kind on merchandise, programs, or meal plans.
  • What is the shipping policy?
    We charge a $5.95 flat rate for domestic shipping on merchandise (standard shipping is 5-7 business days). We currently do not ship internationally.
  • Do you offer corporate wellness programs?
    We are currently accepting inquiries for corporate wellness. Please fill out our contact form to inquire more.
  • Do you do public speaking events?
    Yes! I love speaking if I am in the country! Please submit your request here, or send me an email
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